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FLARE Mini™ Caveman LLC, Tactical shooting accessories, Michael Wilkey

Michael Wilkey
CEO and Co-Founder

Operations, Marketing, Strategy, and Product Development

Caveman LLC

Frank Herrera
President and Co-Founder

Creative Direction, Design, and Product Development

At Caveman®, we transform heat, a historically wasted byproduct of shooting, into actionable data that allows shooters of any experience level to make better decisions and be safer on the range or in competition.

            Our thermal accessories feature color-changing technology that signals when your gun barrel has reached an excessive temperature, providing precision shooters with a crucial tool to sight in their rifles at the optimal temperature. This not only helps reduce bullet drift but also offers a vibrant and highly visible indicator that helps protect both the shooter and the firearm equipment from accidental contact with a hot barrel or suppressor.

Who are we?

            As gun enthusiasts, hobbyists, and tech fanatics, we support the right to bear arms and strive to bring innovation to the firearm community. Caveman® was founded in 2016 with a mission to research, develop, and provide cutting-edge products centered around heat detection in the firearms industry. We filed for our first patent in 2016 and launched our flagship product, The Flare Mini™ soon after. We are proud to be an American-made business, committed to keeping our production local. We started with humble beginnings, hand-injecting 3D-printed molds to create our products. Thanks to the amazing support of the Reddit community, we were able to scale up to mass production with professional manufacturers while staying true to our Made in America promise.

            Today, we are proud to offer an expanded line of thermal products that harness the power of heat to enhance the shooting experience of gun enthusiasts across the United States. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust our products to put heat to work!

Our 3 part Mission

  • Enhance the shooting experience, improve accuracy, and promote safety through innovative firearm accessories
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technologies to design and develop high-quality products that help protect customers and their equipment from accidental damage or injury.
  • Educating customers about their firearm’s performance to make better decisions on the range or in competition while delivering superior products.



Transforming heat into actionable data and developing cutting-edge firearm accessories through research and innovation


Our vision is to lead the firearms industry by designing and developing innovative, patented accessories that improve shooting accuracy, enhance the shooting experience, and promote safety. We are committed to supporting the right to bear arms and educating our customers about their firearm’s performance. We strive to be at the forefront of shooting technology, delivering high-quality products that captivate both civilian and government users.

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