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FLARE Mini™ Caveman LLC, Tactical shooting accessories, Michael Wilkey

Michael Wilkey
CEO and Co-Founder

Operations, Marketing, Strategy, and Product Development

Caveman Frank Herrera

Frank Herrera
President and Co-Founder

Creative Direction, Design, and Product Development


“Here at Caveman LLC, we innovate to improve your firearm experience and safety.

We are gun enthusiasts, hobbyists, and tech fanatics. We love to shoot and support the right to bear arms. As good friends, both Michael and myself wanted to develop new and innovative firearm accessories. With different backgrounds ranging from the tech industry to inventor and hobbyist, we had many different skills to bring to the table. Caveman LLC was established in September of 2016. Our first product (The Flare Mini™) came to mind while trying to improve the shooting experience of a Mini 14. We quickly sought the help and services of our friend and Patent Attorney, David Kerr. Soon after, we filed for our first Patent. This was an exciting moment, and a major step in bringing this project to fruition. Since this time, we have worked hard to research and develop our products. Our goal is to establish a brand name known for our unique products and solutions. We want to lead the market with new technologies that captivate the patronage of both civilian and government users.


Research and develop unique and innovative firearm accessories.

Our 3-part Mission is to provide accessories that:

  • Improve firing accuracy and shooting experience
  • Protect users and their equipment from accidental damage and or injury
  • Educate users about their firearm’s performance


Lead the market with new firearm technologies that captivate the patronage of both civilian and government users.

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