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The Bacon Wrap
Your Ultimate Rifle Handguard Companion
Handguard Finish Protection
Easy Install, Removal, and Cleaning

Save your Bacon!

Now available!

Novel Heat Protection

Keep the heat at bay during extended shooting sessions. The Bacon Wrap delays the transfer of heat from your rifle’s barrel to your hands, allowing for longer, more comfortable use without the risk of burns.

Innovative In Heat Detection
Caveman LLC

Enhanced Grip

Introducing TactiSil, our custom textured silicone finish. Experience a new type of control with The Bacon Wrap’s TactiSil grip. Designed to mimic the look of cloth, this texture ensures your grip remains steady and secure, no matter the conditions. With 360° coverage, you can grip and adjust at will, knowing you always have a secure hold. Ideal for rigorous activities where precision is paramount.

Thermochromic Heat Indicator

Stay informed and safe with our innovative thermochromic technology. All handguard protections can still get heat-soaked, making them uncomfortable or unsafe to grip. The Bacon Wrap transitions from black to medium gray when the temperature rises, signaling when the surface is too warm for bare hands. This feature signals when it’s time to adjust your grip to cooler areas or switch to gloves, ensuring continuous shooting comfort.

Caveman LLC

Mirage Reduction

Enhance your visual clarity when it matters most. By wrapping your handguard, The Bacon Wrap helps reduce the mirage effect caused by barrel heat, ensuring that your line of sight through the scope remains clear and undistorted

Easy Install, Removal, and Cleaning

The Bacon wrap’s Tuck’n’Go system can easily be installed by simply tucking the end tail back under the wrap, quickly securing without any extra tools. This also means removal is a piece of cake for switching the wrap over, or for cleaning. Cleaning is easily performed by running the wrap under water.

Stabilized Shooting

Achieve consistent accuracy with enhanced stability. The Bacon Wrap’s grippy texture helps keep your firearm firmly planted against any support, minimizing movement and aiding in rapid target reacquisition with each shot.

Stretch Fit Design

Adapt to any setup with ease. The Bacon Wrap is highly stretchable, extending up to three times its length to accommodate various handguard sizes and accessories, including flashlights, foregrips, and more. This flexibility makes it simple to achieve a custom fit, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Wrap in whatever way works for you.

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