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Gun Accessories

Flare Mini vertical invis

For Barrels .675"- 2" in Diameter

Green UP

For Barrels .675"- 2" in Diameter

Flare-MICRO 300

For Barrels .5"-.7" in Diameter

Protect users and their equipment from accidental damage and or injury

Improve  shooting experience

Educate users about their firearm’s performance


FLARE™ products let you know when your gun barrel is too hot to touch as well as when it's cool enough to handle or store.

How it works

Caveman's patented Flare™ series use advanced thermochromic pigments infused into a silicone body. This causes it to change color from dark Brown to Orange at when your barrel is too hot to touch or store (131°F and above.) The color will remain orange until the barrel temperature is safe to touch (below 131°F) at which point the FLARE™ will turn dark Brown indicating the barrel is now cool enough to store.

Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 28 ratings)

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FLARE Mini™ Caveman LLC, AR 15 shooting accessories
MSR 15 Flare mini
AR 15 FLare MINI
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