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Introducing Caveman’s patented thermal technology

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The Spark™ Series

  • Black to Bright at 131F (55c)
  • Know when your barrel is too hot to safely handle or store. 
  • Color activates at common bullet drift temperatures.
  • No more guess work. 
  • Insanely bright & awesome colors.
  • Makes crush washers cool (at least…as cool as possible).
No more stupid:
  • Hand hovering
  • Barrel tapping
  • Spitting (people really do this…stop it)
ALL of which tell you absolutely nothing.

Caveman® & Crossed Rifles present

Caveman LLC

Caveman has teamed up with Crossed Rifles, LLC to bring you Smoke

Our thermal coating changes black to clear when hot (multiple trip temps coming soon) revealing your custom designs.

This patented tech delivers live & helpful information about your temps, with visuals like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

See Smoke™ in action:

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Smoke™ Thermochromics

Introducing Smoke™, the cutting-edge thermochromic coating that will blow the minds of you and your friends every time you go to the range.

The Caveman® Smoke™ coat is a topcoat that can be applied to any Cerakote H-Series project. If it works for H-Series, you can immediately adopt Smoke.

Just create a design of your choosing on a component that is regularly submitted to temperatures above 130F, but below 450F. Stay tuned for more transition temperatures and colors in the future! Once the coating reaches 130F or above, the Smoke™ transitions to reveal your pattern underneath.

But Smoke is more than just a pretty face. It gives you live, visual data on when your device is ready to be handled with bare hands or store. For precision shooters, by keeping Smoke from transitioning, you know you’re firing under cool, consistent conditions.

If you’ve got a project you’d like to have Smoked, contact us here:


Why Smoke™?

Reveal your Custom designs

Smoke's color-changing technology provides a visually stunning reveal of your firearm's custom design making it stand out from the rest. This is not just another paint job..

Aesthetics + Function

But it's more than looks... it's FUNCTIONAL. Smoke transitions at the “too hot to handle or store” temperature, as well as common bullet drift temperatures. No more guess work for when it’s time to pack up and go, or hand tighten that suppressor just a bit more. 

Industry Proven Durability

Smoke is engineered to meet the durability standards set by Cerakote’s H-Series, ensuring long-lasting protection for firearms and other products. 

Wide Range of Applications

Guns get hot! (Duh). Which makes them perfect for smoke. Handguns, rifles, suppressors; as long as it stays under 450F and gets hot, it’s perfect for smoke. Let your creativity run wild.

Caveman LLC




better than bacon

** Flare Mini™ Fits Barrels .675″ – 2″ in diameter**

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Heat has been the constant companion of every trigger pull. While it appears in varying degrees, it is ever present.

For the last 100 years, we've trained ourselves to avoid (or just outright ignore) this issue. Melted bags, burnt hands, bullet drift; the problems exist, but no one has done anything about it.


Sight in your rifle with an optimal temperature. Reduce bullet drift by using the Flare™ to indicate when your barrel starts to get too hot, which can affect accuracy.

Caveman LLC

Got a pencil barrel? We have a Flare™ for that too. The Flare Micro™ is fits barrel sizes 0.5″-0.7″ in diameter.

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