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Flare Mini vertical invis

For Barrels .675"- 2" in Diameter

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For Barrels .675"- 2" in Diameter

Green UP

For Barrels .675"- 2" in Diameter

Flare-MICRO 300

For Barrels .5"-.7" in Diameter















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“Great product, wish more people knew about it, safety owns” –David G.

“Get one. I slipped it under my hand guard but can still see it when it changes to orange. Really nifty gadget. This Industry needs

I was out shooting in the desert, and had put the gun down for at least half an hour. But it was still way too

I picked one up on your last sale after a hot-barrel-grab ended a range trip early. When you’re used to shooting slow precision groups with

Have a couple of these. Such an easy thing to throw on there and provide a solid visual DONT TOUCH for seasoned shooters and newbies.

“Awesome little gadget, let’s me know when my barrel is down to a safe temperature to store it away without risk. Changes to a very

I know when it’s cool enough to go back into the case after a range trip. (I’ve melted foam / case material. Not fun.) –stonebit

I have to say, these are awesome. Picked a pair up a couple of weeks ago for my new pistol build for the sole purpose

“Love your product by the way, threw it on my AR this weekend for the first time.”– Chellz99

“These things are sweet, can’t wait for the other sizes to come out. Also, customer service was superb when I screwed up my order on

“Ordered one and man this thing is cool. Great product”– Marines691

I finally got to test mine. Even though one was discounted ring (blem if you will) it lit up orange saving me from burning the

Awesome product. Support them and buy with confidence. –Marines691

“These people are awesome. Just bought them and forgot to put in the code. I thought oh well it’s not that big of a discount.

“No regrets on this purchase. Super cool when the color changes” –bootstrap-

I love mine! Just yesterday I did a cool test with it. I got a Caldwell AR barrel cooler so I don’t burn up my

Works great would recommend. –some_kid6

“Easy to install, does the job well, and doesn’t get in the way of the gun aesthetically or functionally. A must for any rifle you’re

“These are awesome. I got a handful in the “wrong orange” sale, and love ‘em.  Bonus, show off your rifle mood ring to your range

“I love mine. I use it on my AR”– Kimber J.

“I love these!” –Josh

This is a really cool product guys. Good on you. –Lowtiercomputer

These things are little gems. Great for keeping barrel cool during slow fire. Great again while waiting to pack up. Don’t have to hover around

These work well and let you know if you’re gonna melt your hundred dollar gun case 10 minutes after dumping a few hundred rounds or

“These things are pretty cool. Definitely worth at least getting one for how cheap they are”– PhairPharmer

“Just tried mine out for the first time Sunday. Worked like a charm! I had forgotten I had put it on, then the Gf noticed

“This is a quality product”–MrzBubblezZ

This is my second Flare. I’ll continue to buy them and keep them on hand to give to friends when I’m at the range. So

Alex T

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