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Caveman LLC

Caveman has teamed up with  Crossed Rifles, LLC to bring you Smoke®.

Caveman LLC

Our thermal coating changes black to clear when hot (multiple trip temps coming soon) revealing your custom designs. This patented tech delivers live & helpful information about your temps, with visuals like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

See Smoke in action:

Innovative In Heat Detection

Discover Smoke®, a groundbreaking product from Caveman LLC, where innovation meets functionality. Born from our mission to utilize heat as a visual tool, Smoke is more than just an aesthetic enhancement—it’s a safety revolution for firearms.

Innovative In Heat Detection
Caveman LLC

Dual Function: Style & Safety

Smoke uniquely blends stylish customization with practicality and safety. This unique coating visually transforms your firearm when the coated component heats up, displaying a custom design that’s not only eye-catching but also serves as an important temperature indicator. It’s the perfect combination of form and function, providing shooters with an unmistakable visual cue for safe handling and storage.

Enhanced Safety and Performance

**Unique Color Transition Feature** Smoke® transitions from a sleek black to a vibrant, custom pattern when the temperature reaches 130°F. This not only adds a personalized touch to your firearm but also serves as a visual thermal indicator.

Caveman LLC

Smoke Thermochromics

The Caveman® Smoke™ coat is a topcoat that can be applied to any Cerakote H-Series project. If it works for H-Series, you can immediately adopt Smoke.

Just create a design of your choosing on a component that is regularly submitted to temperatures above 130F, but below 450F. Stay tuned for more transition temperatures and colors in the future! Once the coating reaches 130F or above, the Smoke™ transitions to reveal your pattern underneath.

But Smoke is more than just a pretty face. It gives you live, visual data on when your device is ready to be handled with bare hands or store. For precision shooters, by keeping Smoke from transitioning, you know you’re firing under cool, consistent conditions.

If you’re interested in licensing, or if you’ve got a project you’d like to have Smoked, contact us here:

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See how smoke can elevate your next killer project? Order a sample today!

Caveman LLC

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